Corporate Governance Highlights

Corporate Governance Highlights

Chairman's Message

Our heritage dates back to 1935, when my father, Harold Webster Smith, founded the bank at 24-years-old by borrowing $25,000 from family and friends. Then known as First Federal Savings and Loan of Waterbury, Connecticut, our purpose was to help make the dream of homeownership a reality for people and our values centered on putting people first.

We have expanded over the years to become a leading regional bank in the northeast with $28 billion in assets. Today we offer a full range of financial services, delivered by about 3,400 bankers.

But while our mission has evolved and our vision has grown, our core values have remained unchanged. We still put people first. We call these principles “The Webster Way.” They bring us together and set us apart – and create an unshakeable core that is unique to Webster.

By following The Webster Way, we ensure that we’re living up to our customers and each other because that’s what matters most.

The Webster Way

  • We take personal responsibility for meeting our customers' needs.
  • We respect the dignity of every individual.
  • We earn trust through ethical behavior.
  • We give of ourselves in the communities we serve.
  • We work together to achieve outstanding results.

James C. Smith, Chairman